My debut YA novel, SO GLAD TO MEET YOU, is coming out July 31st from Diversion Books.

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Daphne and Oliver have almost nothing in common. Daphne is a quiet, bookish drama nerd; Oliver is the popular, outgoing mascot for the Sacred Heart football team. It seems unlikely that their paths would ever cross, but one single event has bound them inextricably to one another–Daphne’s older sister, Emily, and Oliver’s older brother, Jason, former lovers, committed suicide together seven years earlier. 

When Daphne uncovers the bucket list Emily and Jason left behind, she convinces Oliver to go on a quest to complete the list with her. Together, they re-imagine Jason and Emily’s dreams through the lens of their beautiful, imperfect Los Angeles.

Tackling grief and despair with a wry voice and an unflinching eye, SO GLAD TO MEET YOU tells the story of two people who, in searching for what they’ve lost, end up finding what they never knew they needed–each other.

Told in dual POV, there’s adventure, pining, confusion, and kissing!

It’s also on GOODREADS.


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