Pitch Wars Bio!

Library inspiration! The one at the monastery in Prague looks like BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

Hello, potential Pitch Wars Mentors!

A Top Ten list features prominently in my MS so keeping with theme…


1.) Book that made me want to be a writer – THE HANDMAID’S TALE. Whaaaat? You can fill-in-your-own-ending for the rest of your life? PEEEAAAAKKKCHEEEWWW! (Sound of mind being blown)

2.) TV show that made me want to be a writer – MY SO-CALLED LIFE. I have an “I heart Jordan Catalano” t-shirt, which is traitorous since I was team Brian Krakow all the way.

3.) Best book-to-film adaptation – L.A. CONFIDENTIAL. Proof that you can simplify an awesome, complicated, sprawling book and still keep all the fans happy. Brian Helgeland deserved that Oscar.

4.) Favorite TV Show – THE SHIELD. Vic Mackey is the best/worst/most complicated character I’ve ever seen on TV. (Can you tell that I can talk books/TV/movies all day?) Other beloved shows: GILMORE GIRLS, VERONICA MARS, THE GOOD WIFE, SILICON VALLEY…just to name a few.

5.) Coolest place I’ve visited – Angkor Wat. Every trip changes me in some way, but the most transformative experience I’ve had involved the smiles of Bayon, the trees of Ta Prohm, and the orange dirt of Cambodia. My travel blog can be found here.

6.) Places I most want to visit – Macchu Picchu and Nepal. Oh, and the Great Barrier Reef!

7.) Cheese or Chocolate? (The question to end all questions if you’re lactose tolerant and not vegan) Cheese!

8.) My hometown is a cornfield in Illinois, population 10,000.

9.) I worked on some amazing/awful VH1 reality shows in the 2000s starring a clock-wearing hype man and an aging rock star who sang about prickly flowers. I have STORIES. If you’re curious about what I’ve been up to recently, here’s my IMDB.

10.) Referring to #9, TV jobs have instilled a fierce work ethic in me. My hours are long, but I still find time to write almost every day, because it’s what I love. I thrive in collaboration, so much collaborating in TV, it’s wonderful. Coming from such a competitive environment, I have thick skin. I am completely comfortable executing notes. I’ve been doing it in multiple capacities (video editing/screenwriting/prose) for years. Writing is rewriting. Joy is seeing my work improve and growing as a writer.

Thanks for stopping by!

And please check out all the other mentee hopefuls here!

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